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Latest News from Gay UK :: GirlFix ::

Latest News from Gay UK

GirlFix aims to provide you with the latest updates on developments within the UK gay and lesbian community.

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  • Lesbilicious annoucement
    Lesbilicious is currently on a short hiatus. During this time we will not be publishing new articles, and Twitter and Facebook activity will be less frequent. To receive updates about our return, please join the email mailing list...
  • Top 13 posts of 2013
    As Lesbilicious looks forward to a year full of tasty lesbian content, we bring you our top 2013 hits. 1. If you’re going to trash trans people online, don’t be surprised when they kick you out of their club First up [...]...
  • A queer’s guide to holiday survival
    Break out your stockings and hang up your mistletoe because the holiday season is upon us.  It’s a time of joy, happiness and…family reunions. Wait, what?  If the thought of venturing back to your hometown creates panic and ...
  • Help save queer activist Ira from deportation to Russia
    Irina, a queer Russian activist currently being detained in the UK, is facing fast-track deportation this week. If she goes back to Russia she is likely to be attacked and possibly killed. Help her stay safe in the UK. Irina [...]...
  • Don’t be too quick to congratulate Tom Daley on coming out as gay
    British Olympic diver Tom Daley announced yesterday (2 Dec 2013) that he was dating a guy. Within 24 hours the coming out video had 5.5million views on YouTube. Reactions on social media and the mainstream press have ranged from d...