This is GirlFix

GirlFix is the newest and sexiest lesbian-oriented website on the Internet.

A combination of social networking, dating and regional specific information, GirlFix is the gateway to what's hot and what's not on the British lesbian scene.

Latest blog post: Gay Parenting Options by Pride Angel.


What's New?

GirlFix is continually expanding and adding new features and sections all the time. The most recent additions to the website are:

  • Members Area - Login in to the members area to create your top ten movie list, sign up to the newsletter and post comments on the website.
  • Lesbian Movies - A compilation of lesbian-orientated movies, including the GirlFix top ten movie selection as voted for by our members.
  • Celebrity / Lesbian - Check out the GirlFix list of lovely ladies, which includes out-and-proud lesbian celebrities, and also those who keep us guessing.
    Latest addition: Heather Peace.
  • Lesbian Health - From breasts to sex, we have a range of articles providing interesting and useful information – all written by girls for girls.

Lesbian Venues

We love visiting lesbian venues that are filled with top totty! We go there, have a look, have a dance and a few drinks and then let you know what we think of them. Check out our latest venues to be added to the collection: